A woman's arm with a blue Withings scanwatch

About TechTruster

TechTruster is a website focusing on femtech. We publish news related to female technology and wearables.

Our topics include tech solutions for menstrual cycles, motherhood, pregnancy, menopause, and health issues that are unique to female bodies.


We also keep an eye on privacy issues concerning femtech devices in order to help readers safeguard their biological data.

Less stigma

Our aim is to write about solutions that help to normalize body functions that have often been stigmatized as part of being a woman. Femtech can help overcome challenges that are underrated in a tech world still dominated by men.

Billion dollar industry

The femtech industry is a billion-dollar industry, with over 200 femtech startups present globally. In 2020, the industry generated venture capital worth $376 million and is projected to be worth $60 billion by 2026. The rapidly growing sector underscores the growing awareness concerning women’s biological needs.


To make our content more inclusive to all our readers and especially in the Nordics, we now write in English. However, readers who wish to translate our previous Danish content to English can use the translate button on the bottom right.

When using the terms woman and female we refer to all those who identify as women or who are outside of gender binaries.