Clue tracking app syncs with Oura Ring

Oura Ring can now be paired with the Clue periode tracking app on iOS for temperature tracking from sensors on your finger. This mirrors the demands of users.

Oura + Clue
Oura Ring + Clue app

This follows a survey of 1300 Clue app users, who indicated that they requested the new temperature tracking feature.

According to Clue, users rank body temperature as the most valuable biometric marker to integrate into the app.

“Our Science and Product teams found the continuous temperature measurement by Oura Ring on the underside of the finger offered a holistic view of temperature fluctuations in the body throughout the cycle, Clue’s CEO, Audrey Tsang, says.


Oura Ring and Clue are European-based companies and follow EU’s strict data privacy laws. Clue stresses, that no Clue data is shared with Oura in this integration. Users can manage the pairing of Oura Ring with Clue at any time.

A recent survey of Clue users found 85% of respondents wanted their anonymized data to contribute to research.

5 Months with the Oura Ring


Beyond temperature trends, the Clue and ŌURA wish to expand the integration to further biometric data such as sleep tracking in the near future.

Clue and ŌURA also aim to prioritize their research on perimenopause.

Clue recently launched its Perimenopause mode to help women and people with cycles better navigate their transition to menopause.

According to Oura Ring, half a million women use Oura. Clue states that the company has 10 million monthly active users.

Other solutions

Recently both Samsung Galaxy Watch-series and Apple Watch have introduced temperature tracking as part of the period tracking features.

Apple has partnered with Natural Cycles app, which has been cleared by the FDA for birth control.

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