Data privacy

Here is an overview of the types of data we collect, process, and store by the Data Protection Act. The data policy applies to all pages and subpages on the domain


This website aims to bring news and information. We use various technologies that collect data about your visit. This applies, for example, to cookies. You can permanently block the use of cookies on our website.

Cookies and other technologies enable us to customize the user experience to suit your technology platform and usage history.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track and record user behavior on our website. This allows us to keep statistics on visits and follow typical user patterns. This knowledge enables us to improve the site continuously. Google Analytics registers users’ geographic location, technological platform, browser software, etc. but cannot identify you as an individual. Google Analytics gives us, e.g., no possibility to identify you via IP address.


TechTruster only collects general personal data (email address) when you contact us directly or sign up for the newsletter.

  •      We do not collect any personally sensitive information.
  •      We store the information securely on digital platforms with password protection.
  •      We only hand over personal data to the external supplier (e.g., mail services), who have documented that the provider complies with the EU’s data regulation, GDPR.
  •      We update the information and delete it when it is no longer relevant. You can have your data corrected or deleted at any time by writing to
  •      We do not sell data
  •      We do not pass on or sell personal data to third parties.