Evie Ring has been launched

Evie Ring, a wearable designed specifically for women's health, has been introduced to the wearables market. The ring's app is tailored to individual health goals.

Evie Ring

Evie Ring is developed by Movano Health, a healthcare solutions company. The ring’s sensors track a wide range of health metrics, including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep stages, activity levels, and menstrual cycles. 

Evie Ring is a comprehensive health companion that provides personalized insights and guidance to help women make informed decisions about their well-being.

Individual goals

The ring’s app experience is tailored to user’s individual health goals and needs. It provides healthy ranges rather than scoring activity or fitness performance.

How I use the Oura Ring

This approach helps women to focus on their overall health and well-being, rather than striving for arbitrary fitness goals.


The ring is made from liquidmetal with a scratch-resistant titanium PVD coating, making it durable and water-resistant.

The open format is designed to give users a comfortable fit, even during long periods of wear.

No subscription

With its combination of advanced health tracking technology, personalized insights, and stylish design, Evie Ring aims to revolutionize women’s health.

It offers personalized health and wellness information for women at every stage of life. 

The ring is available exclusively through the Evie Ring website for a retail price of $269.

No subscription fee is required.