Femtech is necessary for women’s health

Vanessa Julia Carpenter, TechTruster femtech analyst & content specialist, was interviewed by Henrik Føhns from the Danish podcast Techtopia about femtech. Here are five key takeaways.


The podcast dives into the ways femtech can support women in managing menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, sexual health, and menopause.

The interview sheds light on why women’s health needs transformative innovations. Here are the five key takeaways.

A critical need for femtech

The podcast underscores the crucial need for femtech by emphasizing the diverse phases in a woman’s life, ranging from menstruation to menopause. It highlights the scarcity of technological innovations dedicated to enhancing women’s health across these stages.

Femtech opens conversations

Vanessa Julia Carpenter emphasizes that femtech has changed the conversation about women’s health. Femtech has encouraged open discussions, breaking taboos and fostering inclusivity.

Technology empowers women

The podcast describes femtech solutions for menstrual health, such as tracking apps like Clue and innovative devices like Kegg analyzing cervical fluid. By enabling women to monitor and understand their menstrual cycles, these technologies empower informed decision-making.

Femtech needs investors

Femtech: The Way Forward in Women’s Health

Listeners gain insights into the financial backing received by femtech. Femtech is an important area that investors are interested in and excited about. The podcast acknowledges the traditional gender imbalances in investment and highlights the positive but slow, trend toward increased diversity.

Menopause is in focus

Vanessa Julia Carpenter is analyst and content specialist at TechTruster and CEO at Kintsugi Design.

The podcast highlights the growing attention towards menopause in the femtech industry. It discusses the technological advancements addressing symptoms such as hot flashes and bone density loss. Vanessa Julia Carpenter emphazises the unexplored potential for innovation and support during this stage in women’s lives.

Listen to the podcast (English)

Explore the full podcast episode here: https://ida.dk/viden-og-netvaerk/idas-podcast/techtopia/techtopia-episoder-2023/techtopia-308-lav-tech-til-kvinder-femtech