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Help us give femtech visibility

TechTruster is inviting sponsors and partners to give us a hand in creating a dedicated femtech news site.

To reach more users worldwide we will be communicating in English. If your wish to dive into our large catalogue of articles in Danish, please use the orange Translate button bottom right.

Our team

What is a TechTruster partnership?

With a partnership you actively support information, news, and insights on technology developed for – and often by – women.

By sponsoring TechTruster you are a stakeholder in creating a transparent and trustworthy online platform with content that help women make the right choices about their personal health.

How does your organisation or company benefit?

You get

  • a partner page with information about the company, SEO-optimized and with link to your website + logo
  • blog posts/news articles focused on the company with links to your website
  • greater visibility on SoMe

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We are ready for a non-binding talk about your options as a business partner for TechTruster.