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TechTruster is slowing down content production to focus on attracting partners and sponsors for our media site on femtech apps and wearables. To draw a wider audience, we now also publish in English.

Over the last two years, the team behind TechTruster has increased our focus on wearables for women. A few months ago, we took the last step.

We decided to go all in with femtech as the main topic for TechTruster. To be more inclusive to all of our readers in the Nordics, we now write in English. The translate button on the bottom right will still be available to readers who wish to translate previous Danish content to English.

We aim to publish news on tech solutions that solve health issues specific to women and at the same time keep an eye on privacy issues and tracking of biological data. Some of these topics may include menstrual cycles, motherhood, pregnancy, menopause and issues specific to a female body.

Hot topic

The term femtech was introduced by Danish innovator Ida Tin, founder of the period tracking app Clue. Femtech as a term and a as market, has expanded exponentially and is valuated at $30 Billion USD today.

It looks into a future where women’s biology is considered before new health tech devices and solutions are developed.

Less stigma – better solutions

Femtech helps to normalize body functions, which have often been stigmatized as part of being a woman. It can help overcome challenges that are underrated in a tech world still dominated by men.

We are now inviting sponsors and partners to help us to create awareness, debate, critique and insights about femtech. TechTruster is already that media site, but we need support to run it.

How it started

Six years ago, I, Helle Baagø, started TechTruster with my former business partner @Radu Andrei Gogonea.

We were fascinated by the potential of wearable tech. More and more people were putting devices on their arms, fingers, and ears to track their health and activity.

TechTruster offered reviews, news articles, and guides on how to reap the benefits of this technology. Our focus was then – as it still is – on the possibilities of using tech to manage activity, stress, sleep, and personal health issues.

On the way, Radu left the project because of a new job position. I reached out to @ Vanessa and @Cecilie to join the team. They happily said yes. Recently a valued new member, @Ivanna, has come on board.

The TechTruster team has now taken the site in a new and ambitious direction.

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