New editors on TechTruster

The founder and current editor, journalist Helle Baagø, is stepping down after seven years on the post.

TechTruster focuses on femtech solutions., an online media outlet focusing on femtech, is getting new editors. Starting 1 February 2024, Helle Baagø will be the administrator of the news website.

The editorial management will be taken over by Vanessa Julia Carpenter, who holds a PhD in Interaction Design, and Cecilie Helm Darling, a trained journalist.

Carpenter and Darling have been on TechTruster’s editorial board for four years. Darling will be the managing editor.

Carpenter founded Kintsugi Design and is a femtech expert for IDA, and Darling runs the communications agency Helm Media. Read more about the team here.

Tech for women’s health

TechTruster writes about femtech, which stands for female technology. The site publishes content about wearables and healthtech for women.

It covers tech solutionsfor the cycles of a woman’s life, such as menstruation, reproductive health, menopause, and diseases specific to women, such as endometriosis.

The site also keeps an eye on ethical and privacy issues with women’s biological data collected, e.g., from smartwatches, fitness trackers, and rings.

Femtech going forward

The new editors, Carpenter and Darling, will continue to drive the development of femtech content at TechTruster forward. The site is one of the few online media outlets in this field. began in 2016 as an online media outlet covering news and tests related to wearables.

However, over the past two years, the editorial team has shifted its focus to femtech and wearables for women. The site will now be in English to cater to readers in the Nordic countries.


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