Samsung Galaxy Watch offers skin temperature-based cycle tracking

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Watch6 users in 32 countries, including the Nordics, can now track menstrual cycles while they sleep.

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Photo: Samsung

Cycle tracking has been featured in several smartwatch brands but initially, as a manual process where users register their menstrual data in app calendars.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch cycle tracking feature is integrated into calendar-based tracking. The technology behind it is infrared sensors measuring your temperature from the wrist.

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Basal Body Temperature

The starting point your Basal body temperature (BBT), which varies by menstrual phase. BBT must be measured immediately after waking and before any physical activity or impact from surroundings.

Samsung’s new feature automates this process and should make it easier and more convenient.

To activate, users select Cycle Tracking in the Samsung Health app, add their most recent cycle information to the calendar, and then turn on ‘Predict period with skin temp’ in the settings.

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Encrypted data

Readings collected over the prior month are displayed as a graph in Cycle Tracking, showing users their period, predicted ovulation, and fertile window.

According to Samsung, all collected data is encrypted and stored securely on the user’s own device.

Personal sleep patterns

Photo: Samsung

The Galaxy Watch series is aimed at the personal health market, offering advanced health monitoring tools for sleep and fitness.

With the two newest editions, Watch6 and Watch6 Classic Samsung increases its focus on sleep monitoring tools.

Users are guided to understand their personal sleep patterns and quality with data from total sleep time, sleep cycle, awake time, and physical and mental recovery.


One-click bands allow users to mix and match watch bands. With over 704 combinations, users can design their personalized watch.

Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic are available starting August 11.

We will be testing the femtech features on the device shortly.