Women demand data accuracy in femtech

65 percent of female wearable users have accurate data as their top priority regarding women's health tech, according to a survey from Evie Ring.

Evie Smart Ring
Evie Ring. Photo: Movano Health

What are your needs and wishes regarding wearables and other digital health devices?

1,000 women aged 30-75 that question were asked that question in a survey from Evie Ring.

Users or potential users give approval of the device by recognized health authorities a high priority, according to the survey.

Accuracy is crucial

Most respondents say that they are interested in investing in a wearable to focus on their state of health. But at the same time, female users are highly concerned about the data’s accuracy.

The new Oura Ring focuses on women’s health

Until accuracy is tackled, wearables will continue to be used with a focus on fitness performance rather than a true measure of overall health and wellness, Evie believes.

A third of the 1,000 respondents have a wearable and track some of their biometric data. Most (85 percent) want to use a fitness tracker to improve their health and understand their body.

Understanding your body

Fewer (38 percent) wish to use their wearable to participate in sporting challenges or new fitness trends (22 percent).

In the survey, the women also emphasized that they prefer small, light devices with more personalized settings.

In summary, understanding how to feel healthier overall is the number 1 health and wellness goal for women.