Women with endometriosis get an app on prescription

Endo-App aims to improve patients' quality of life and make the disease more manageable.

Foto: Endo-App

Endo Health is behind the digital health application Endo-App, which can be downloaded on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

The app was developed by German doctor Nadine Rohloff. Photo: Endo-App

The founder of Endo Health is the German doctor and entrepreneur Dr. med. Nadine Rohloff.

Endometriosis is a chronic inflammatory disease estimated to affect more than 170 million women and transgender people worldwide.

Femtech focuses on the neglected disease of endometriosis

Users of the Endo-App receive, among other things, an overview of their medical history and a symptom diary tailored for endometriosis.

In addition, it provides exercises and guidance on how to manage your illness better. Content includes physical therapy, nutrition counseling, psychology, yoga, and mindfulness.

Physiotherapy and yoga

Foto: Endo-App

Through the app, people living with endometriosis can directly link influencing factors, such as nutrition, sports, work, etc., to their symptoms.

Using the app, patients learn to improve their control of the disease and can thus relieve or avoid their chronic pain.

Endo-App has a comprehensive data privacy statement. Read it here (German)

A pilot study shows improvements.

In a twelve-week, randomized, controlled pilot study in 122 people affected by endometriosis, significant improvements in quality of life were observed after just four weeks.

Quality of life continued to improve until the last measurement after twelve weeks, according to a press release from Endo-App.

Every tenth woman has endometriosis.

The disease means that cells are similar to those growing in the uterus lining in places where they do not belong, for example, on the ovaries, pelvic walls, diaphragm, or even in the lungs.