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Our team is an independent media site. We publish content about femtech, wearable technology and healthtech solutions for women.

Cecilie Helm Darling

Cecilie Helm Darling, managing editor

Cecilie Helm Darling is a trained journalist with a background at Ritzau and DR. She has lived in Seattle for six years and is now an independent communications consultant at Helm Media in Copenhagen.

Cecilie has been writing about tech and health in both Danish and English for several years.

Vanessa Julia Carpenter, editor & marketing strategist

Vanessa Julia Carpenter has a PhD from Aalborg University in “Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products”. She is the founder and design director of the company Kintsugi Design where she helps companies develop new femtech devices. Vanessa is a member of the Danish Design Council and is the founder of the Nordic Women in Hardware group. She is also femtech expert in IDA’s panel of tech-eksperts.

Ivannna Rosendaæ

Ivanna Rosendal,
reviewer & content specialist

Ivanna Rosendal is Senior Director, Head of Commercial & Medical IT at Ascendis Pharma. She hosts the “Transformation in Trials ” podcast about clinical trials.

Ivanna has worked as a manager, project manager, and consultant in several pharmaceutical and IT companies, including Abbvie, Herax, and Systematic.

She has an MA in Business Administration and Rhetoric from Aarhus University.

Helle Baagø, administrator & founder

Helle Baagø is a trained journalist and certified digital project manager. As both an employee and independent journalist, she has worked for media organizations and companies with a focus on online communication and technology.

Helle has since 2005 run the communications agency Tendens. Helle is the founder of TechTruster.

Helle Baagø
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