Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max Review

Do you reach for a hot water bottle to reduce back or period cramps? You might have looked for more effective alternatives, and the Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max is one option I've tested.

Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max

The Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max is a tech alternative to the hot water bottle. It’s for those seeking a modern way for period pain relief without the hassle and danger of boiling water. 

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Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max: Features and Benefits

The Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max has four heat seatings and a vibration option. It can be worn as a belt and heats up instantly. It’s available in a range of sizes and colours. 

It has a hard plastic shell and a soft velvet fabric on the inside. The fabric can’t be removed and is not washable. The recommendation from the manufacturer is to wipe it with a wet towel, though this leads me to think it might become grimy over time. 

Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max

Who Should Use It?

The heating pad is designed for those with back and period cramps. The manufacturer states that pregnant people; those with pacemakers or other internal devices and patients with tumours should not use the heating pad. Clarifying with Slimpal, internal devices include intrauterine devices (IUDs) and other internal contraceptives. They write:

“The recommendation is a safety measure to prevent any potential risks associated with applying external heat near these devices. While the risk may be low, we advise users with IUDs or similar contraceptives to consult with their healthcare provider before using the heating pad in proximity to the abdominal area. Safety and customer well-being are our top priorities.”


Slimpal’s marketing targets young women. So it’s strange that they don’t specifically list IUDs, but mention pacemakers. Pacemakers are more common in older age groups, which are not likely to suffer from period pains. This is another strong indication of companies requiring more perspectives at the marketing table! 

Size and Weight

Taking it out of the box, I was surprised at how heavy it was, although it is lighter and less bulky than a traditional heated water bottle. . It weighs 330 grams. 

I tested a larger version measuring 21 x 10 x 3 cm. This is about an A5 piece of paper but with a thumb-sized width. It could easily be hidden  under loose-fitting clothes.  

Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max Size

The Strap-Around Elastic Band

The heating pad has an elastic band and a slim clip so you can fasten it around yourself. The clip was a bit fiddly, but it doesn’t add bulk. 

The band makes the Slimpal more portable than a hot water bottle. So you can wear it under your clothes and do your shopping or use it at work. The width of the band is 4 cm and doesn’t dig in.  

How Far Will the Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max Stretch?

Slimpal writes that the elastic band is suitable for 61-160 cm waistlines. That would work if you use it to relieve back pain. For period pain the band needs to fit around my hips and not my waist to treat the pelvic area.

The actual circumference of the heating pad is about 95 cm when clipped in. I’m of average height and weight, and my hip circumference is 100 cm. I adjusted the elastic band to almost its full length to fit around my hips. There was about 5 cm of spare length. It was comfortable and didn’t press hard onto my pelvic area. 

If your hip circumference is above 110 cm, it will fit tighter. The elastic band would stretch to 160 cm, but you might find it will press into your body.

How to Use It

To start the pad, press and hold on the heating button. To increase the heat level short-press the button again until you find your desired temperature. It took a little while to get used to operating the heating pad, but it’s a minor issue as you soon get the hang of it. 

You can also choose to set a timer or vibrations. To select your settings, you short-press those buttons. 

The buttons are positioned on the top side of the heating pad. The advantage of this is that you can’t accidentally turn it off. The downside is that the buttons are small, and you search for the right button to adjust your settings. It gets a bit fiddly.

Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max box

How Hot Does the Slimpal Get?

I was impressed with how quickly the whole pad heats up. It’s practically instant. No more waiting for hot water.

The Slimpad Max has 4 heat settings. Each heat level is represented by a coloured light depending on the heat intensity: 

  • Green (40℃)
  • Blue (50℃)
  • Orange (56℃)
  • Red (65℃)

It’s recommended you use the heating pad over your clothes. It gets surprisingly hot, and you don’t want to burn yourself or get a heat rash. I found that level 2 at 50℃ was already too hot for me. The highest temperature is not recommended for more than 8 minutes. 

You can also set a timer for 1, 2 and 3 hours. You press a button to switch between the durations. This button is pretty intuitive. Even on the lowest heat setting, the heat was getting too much already after 2-3 hours. The timer is a helpful feature. 

Good Vibrations?

Another feature of the heating pad is that it can vibrate. There are 4 different settings. To start this feature, you press and hold the left button. To change to a different vibration, you press through the colours.

The four settings are:

  • Continuous medium bursts (green light)
  • Continuous short bursts (blue light)
  • Continuous longer bursts (orange light)
  • Continuous vibration (red light)

I found the vibrations unpleasant, noisy, and distracting.

Battery Use and Charging

The cordless heating pad includes a charging cable, but you need your own USB plug. The official charging time is 8 hours, but I found it was much longer. So make sure it’s charged up for when you need it! You can also buy a fast (2 hours) charger. 

Once fully charged, the battery lasts just over 5 hours. It could last less if you use higher heat and the vibration feature. I didn’t use the pad consistently, so the battery lasted two days without recharging. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The Slimpal Heating Pads cost between €20 and €40 on the German Amazon. The price varies depending on the model, colour and current offers. Colours to choose from are pink, grey, cream, purple, green and black. You can purchase it here:

Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max Colour

Is the Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad Max Worth It?

The average rating for the Slimpal Heating Pad Max on Amazon is 4.3. I would agree with that rating. If you don’t want the hassle of a hot water bottle, then the heating pad is a decent alternative. It’s lightweight, portable and heats up quickly. It gives out consistent heat for  about 5 hours  and has vibrating options. . 

If heat doesn’t give you enough relief against your period pain, you might want to consider a tens device like Myoovi, Ovulay or Menstruflow. 

The Slimpal Heating Pad Max helped relieve my period pain and made me more comfortable for those few days. I appreciated the instant heating, so it’s a good alternative to boiling water and filling a hot water pad. The vibrations felt uncomfortable and weren’t a hit with me, but you don’t have to use them. Its lightweight portability made up for that. I liked using it and will continue to do so. I can recommend exploring this product if you find heat helps with your period or back pain.

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