TechTruster is taking a summer break

We are pausing the content production but the site is bulging with relevant articles for you to dig into. Here are a few examples.

TechTruster is taking a summer break after a period of change, an increase in traffic, and lots of new content. We have new editors with a passion for giving you news and insights on innovative health tech solutions for women.

Summer break reading suggestions

While we recharge our batteries and get ready for the next chapter, we encourage you to explore the articles and subjects we have written about here on TechTruster. Here is a small selection of articles and genres we have covered during the past months:

Reviews and tests

TechTruster is testing wearables that can help women improve their health and their knowledge of their health. Slimpal Cordless Heating Pad is the latest wearable Sara Janasz have tested for TechTruster.


TechTruster’s editor Vanessa Julia Carpenter hosted the Founder’s stage at Iceland Innovation Week, where the participants discussed sextech and sleep, among other topics. She also attended “Decoding the Future of Femtech” in London and discusses her five takeaways for the future of women’s health.

Carpenter also taught jewellery students at Copenhagen Business Academy (KEA) the Designing for Meaningfulness methodology when they designed smart jewellery under the theme Meaningful Menopause Jewellery. TechTruster writes about how these designs can empower women through their menopause journey if the prototypes come into production. TechTruster’s other editor, Cecilie Helm Darling interviewed students from this class and wrote an article about “Senss” – the smart earrings for health care workers.


As AI is increasingly entering our lives, tech journalist Anders Høgh Nissen invited Carpenter to join him on his podcast to discuss how AI is used in femtech. The podcast is available here.

Women’s heart health

Women experience heart attacks differently than men. To investigate how wearables can help women improve their cardiovascular health Carpenter decided to test the clinically validated Withings Scan Watch. You can read her experiences with it here.


Period tracking is increasingly incorporated into wearables, making it easier for women to control their fertility whether they prefer using a smartwatch, a piece of jewellery or another type of wearable. This article by Helle Baagø gives you a quick overview of your options if you’re considering getting a period tracker.

Happy reading! We will be back in August.