Femtech exhibition: Digital jewellery helps women in menopause

KEA expo on digital jewellery for menopause
KEA expo on digital jewellery for menopause

KEA, Copenhagen Business Academy’s exhibition of digital jewellery will showcase wearable jewellery solutions aimed at alleviating menopause symptoms

KEA will host a free exhibition on March 22 about digital jewellery for menopause. The exhibition is the result of KEA’s eight-week course “Meaningful Menopause Jewellery” in its Digital Jewellery program.

During the course, the students used the “Designing for Meaningfulness” method to explore how they can harness technology to establish purpose, values, and identity to address a crucial yet underserved area: menopause.

The course is co-led by Dr Vanessa Julia Carpenter and Mette Laier Henriksen. The latter is a senior lecturer at KEA’s BA Jewellery, Technology & Business program and a jewellery designer. Mette Laier Henriksen’s teaching focuses on human-centred design, speculative design, and ethnographic research methods.

Femtech to empower women

Dr Carpenter holds a PhD in Designing for Meaningfulness in Future Smart Products from Aalborg University, Copenhagen. She is the founder and designer at Kintsugi Design, a design studio specializing in design and emerging technologies.

Furthermore, Dr Carpenter is an expert on a range of professional networks. She is a member of the Danish Design Council and an expert on The Danish Society of Engineers’ expert panel (IDA). Dr Carpenter also founded the Nordic Women in Hardware and Nordic Femtech groups and is an editor at TechTruster. She has previously written about how femtech can help women through menopause.

Wearable femtech for menopause

Today, Dr Carpenter focuses on femtech and how it can empower half of the world’s population to live better lives and specializes in technologies for menopause.

“For eight weeks, students have been immersed in the creation of digital jewellery. The students have designed these wearable devices to cater specifically to individuals experiencing some of the 34 symptoms of menopause”, explains Dr Carpenter. “At the exhibition, the students will showcase their innovative solutions to address the challenges and needs of this demographic. The student’s jewellery is one of many examples of how society is bridging the gap between technology and women’s health”.

The students will present their jewellery and share their visions of the future of technology and its role in fostering meaningful connections, enhancing women’s well-being, and addressing pressing health concerns, while aiming towards a society where menopause is no longer stigmatized.

Example of digital jewellery for menopause
This is an example of digital jewellery that will be presented at the KEA expo.
Senss earrings by Lola Von Lindholm, Rikke Dahl-Nielsen, Sofia Bülow Nielsen, Emilie Edal Nielsen, Camilla Eline Jakobsen.

The exhibition has two purposes. It celebrates the students’ accomplishments and provides an opportunity for the public to witness the potential of femtech in addressing critical aspects of women’s health.

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Interaction between visitors and designers

At the exhibition, Dr Carpenter and students will offer their perspectives on the intersection of technology and women’s health. Visitors can engage with the creators, learn about the design process, and explore the potential impact of digital jewellery in addressing menopause symptoms.

“It will be an afternoon of innovation, creativity, and insightful discussions that highlight the incredible strides being made in digital jewellery design for meaningful purposes”, says Dr Carpenter, who has previously taught a course on digital jewellery and menopause at KEA.

The exposition will take place on March 22 from 13 to 15H at KEA, located at Guldbergsgade 29N, 2200 Kbh N. Learn more and sign up at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/meaningful-menopause-udstilling-med-digitale-smykker-pa-kea-tickets-814507141787