Discover Nella before visiting gynecologist

After over 150 years, the cold metal speculum for gynecological examinations has evolved into a softer, more empathic version called Nella.

Nella Speculum
Photo: Ceeks Women's Health

This may not be an advanced tech solution, but Nella speculum is a femtech device that can improve the physical and mental well-being of half the world’s population.

All women will have experienced anxiety and nervousness before a gynecological examination with a metal speculum. It looks almost the same as when it was constructed around 1845.

Designed by women for women, the new speculum is a different way to conduct pelvic exams.

A speculum is a medical tool used during gynecological exams to help open the vaginal canal so that the healthcare provider can examine the cervix and vaginal walls.

In the 1960s, a hard plastic version with the same hard edges as the metal version entered the market. Today women finally have a new, and more comfortable option.

Femtech gør det nemt og sjovt at træne din bækkenbund

Nella designed by woman

Nella is made of temperature-neutral polymer and features a smoother, ergonomic shape that glides right in. The speculum is smoother, slim as a tampon, quiet and according to the producer less painful than traditional metal and plastic speculums.

The speculum has been named best invention by Time Magazine Best in 2020 and Fast Company’s Innovation by design awards 2020 honoree.

In the USA, users can access a map to find a clinician nearby.

TechTruster has asked Nella where Nordic women can find a gynecologist who uses Nella. Check updates for the answer.